Mánaðarskipt færslusafn fyrir: apríl 2013

Leyfisskilmálar í boði nágranna okkar á Bretlandi

Stór áfangi náðist um daginn þegar við fengum leyfi til að byggja á leyfisskilmálum Breta fyrir opin gögn.

Við sendum eftirfarandi beiðni:

I contact you on behalf of the Icelandic government which intends to publish its data as open data similarly to the UK government. We are currently looking into licensing issues and we are aware of the clear and well authored Open Government License, which is why we are contacting you. We are interested in using an adapted version for open government data in Iceland and contact you as the copyright holders to request your permission to translate and adapt the OGL and create an Icelandic version. Utmost care will be taken in the adaptation of the license and our legal experts will verify that our adapted version complies with both the intention of the license and Icelandic law. We will of course attribute the UK version in our version.

… og svarið:

Dear Gudbjorg Sigurdardottir,

Thank you for your email enquiry dated March 13th, 2013.  I can confirm that you may adapt translate and re-use the UK Open Government Licence for the purposes of creating an Icelandic version of the OGL to enable the re-use of Icelandic  government data.  We should be grateful if you acknowledged The National Archives of UK Government as being the creator of the original version.

If you need further information or would like to speak to me about the Open Government Licence, please feel free to get back to me or to telephone, and we will be happy to assist you further.

With best regards
Judy Nokes
Information Policy Adviser

Lögfræðingar hafa farið yfir þýðinguna og við erum því komin með skilmála sem má nota til að birta tilnefnd gagnasöfn vinnuhópsins.